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coney island majesty
  no promotional intent #95 • original airdate: march 16 2018

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London Philharmonic Orchestra, "Us And Them"
Moby, "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters"
Passengers, "A Different Kind of Blue"

  - side a -
  Pulp, "Common People"
  Coyote Shivers, "Sugarhigh"
  Matthew Sweet, "Sick of Myself"
  Throwing Muses, "Bright Yellow Gun"
  The Rentals, "Friends of P."
  Papas Fritas, "My Own Girlfriend"
  Mike Doughty, "Looks"
  Cornershop, "Wog (Freaky's Acid DJ Mix)"
  Folk Implosion, "Natural One"
  Land of The Loops, "Multi-Family Garage Sale (Bargain-Bin Mix)"
  Peter Murphy, "I'll Fall With Your Knife"
  Dubstar, "Stars"

  - side b -
  Catherine Wheel, "Heal"
  Björk, "Hyperballad"
  Belly, "Super-Connected"
  Sonic Youth, "The Diamond Sea (Edit)"
  Smashing Pumpkins, "1979"
  Boss Hog, "I Dig You"
  Mary Lou Lord, "His Indie World"
  PJ Harvey, "Down By The Water"
  Method Man, "All I Need (feat. Mary J. Blige)"
  The Magnetic Fields, "Smoke and Mirrors"
  Love Spit Love, "Am I Wrong"

BT, "Blue Skies (with Tori Amos)"
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Greyhound, Pt. 1"
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Greyhound, Pt. 2"
2Pac, "Me Against the World"
Skee-Lo, "I Wish (Radio Edit)"
Phish, "Bouncing Around the Room"

W.G. Snuffy Walden, "My-So-Called-Life Theme"
The 6ths, "Falling Out Of Love (With You)"
Supergrass, "Alright"
Mike Watt, "Against the '70s"
Whale, "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe"
Primus, "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver"
Monster Magnet, "Negasonic Teenage Warhead"
Tricky, "Black Steel"
David Bowie, "I'm Deranged"

KMFDM, "Juke Joint Jezebel (Single Mix)"
The Immortals, "Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)"

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sic semper crepusculis